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Squamish Music Festival

An Ensemble of the finest


The Sheepdogs

While most rock bands are all too focused on the riff, the Sheepdogs remember the importance of those other elements that make for great rock music : melody, harmony and groove.

The Sheepdogs

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Current Swell

Victoria, BC-based Current Swell is in the foreground of the new roots music front. The band has been around for a few years getting their early recognition around the world as a mainstay in the surf-rock community.

Current Swell

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Wake Owl

Wake Owl has been established as a musical project for 7 months. It began with Colyn Cameron when he wrote his newest batch of songs. He had a big sound envisioned for them.

Wake Owl

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Silent Disco

Strap on your headphones and dance like no one's watching - the Silent Disco is BACK! For those of you unfamiliar with this slice of heaven, we have DJ's lined up to play to you and you only via Sennheiser wireless headphone technology. So get lost in your own little dance world and make some new dance moves up in the quietest nightclub you'll ever go to!

Strap on your headphones and dance like no one's watching - the Silent Disco is BACK! For those of you unfamiliar with this slice of heaven, we have DJ's lined up to play to you and you only via Sennheiser wireless headphone technology. So get lost in your own little dance world and make some new dance moves up in the quietest nightclub you'll ever go to!

Event Entertainers

Beats Antique

Mother Mother

Tragically Hip

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Tips To Learn How To Play The Guitar

The guitar is a classical instrument that most people want to learn. Many people try to learn the instrument, but without properly applying the right pressure, they will always fail. Small mistakes, like holding the guitar wrong, can also have a lot of effects on the end results. Here are a few tips which will allow you to learn more about the way to learn guitar.

Avoid the left-hand death grip

Even when you start to play the guitar, you will realize that it is hard work to hold the fretboard’s strings. This can hurt your fingers and can lead to a lot of pain. Try to make sure that you are hooking the thumb over the top, which can involve you to flat pad of your finger than the actual fingertip. This is sometimes called the death grip, which can end up putting pressure on your neck. If you feel weird, you are probably holding the instrument wrong or using the wrong guitar. The wrong guitar can also cause a lot of pain; can provide you with reviews to different guitars to help find your suitable match.

Rehearse standing up and sitting down

When your posture changes, the way you play the instrument also changes. It is important that you learn to play the guitar, both sitting down and standing up. Try to look for a position that is comfortable and practical. Make sure you have a guitar strap to set to a comfortable length, which will help you have a better practice.

Go Slow

Good technique is all about trying to figure out the right notes and when it comes to scales. It is important that people learn to play properly and at the right speed. The biggest obstacle is playing fast can have a poor technique. Try to make sure that you are always taking the time to practice guitar and are playing the guitar right.

Always use correct fingers

There are a lot of experts who have taught us the best way to play the guitar. One of the best ways to do so is to understand your fingers and the fretboard. There are many ways you can hold the guitar comfortably and try to find your own style in which you can hold your fingers right.

Silent rehearsing

When you are watching your favourite TV show, you can easily start by holding your guitar and moving from one chord to the other. When you are still training, try to practice your hand without the guitar and later to give your thumb and neck some rest while you are in the process of learning ways to better your craft.

The dos and don’ts of branded videos

When you are doing a branded video, there is a lot that must be taken into consideration. Being lethargic is something that you cannot afford to do. Even the simplest mistakes cannot be accepted because the video is going to be the face of the brand, and it is obvious that people are going to judge the brand based on it. To have a clear picture about what has to be done check out  You will definitely get better ideas which will result in better videos. In this article, we will see in detail the dos and don’ts of video production.

Let us start this article on a positive note, and hence we will go for the dos.

A unique story

We all know for a fact that the uniqueness is something that will set things apart from the rest. We have seen a lot of commercials from our childhood. But there are only a few that we are still remembering. It is entirely because of those commercials we able to connect and create an impact with unique and engaging content. Always remember the fact that when it comes to making branded videos for commercials purposes, uniqueness will always win. A black among white and white among black will always be noticed.

Use realistic human characters

We are not saying that imaginary characters will not work. The classic example is the Vodafone zoo zoo. But you can name only a few like those. But if you take real-life characters, there is a lot that we are able to relate, and there are lots of them that we remember. Using these real characters actually increases the opportunity to connect with the audience easily.

Think out of the box

The conventional methods might work, but it is a huge question mark whether they will have an impact on the minds of people. To have that kind of reach, it is mandatory to think out of the box and come up with new ideas. It does not mean that your ideas should be complex. Even the simplest concepts will have a considerable amount of impact.

Now we shall look at the don’ts

Go for characters, not humans

It is not an explanatory video, and people want it to be engaging. People are not expecting some human heads and talking there is a lot more that needs to be done. Do when you are choosing the people to make sure that you do not choose who will not do justice to whatever has to be done.

Do not compromise on quality

This is one of the common mistakes that are done by people who are in the field. There might be a lot of reasons that you can state, but compromising on the quality will definitely the video and script which will ultimately result in bad advertising.

Do not assume

Proceeding with things based on assumptions is a very bad thing. A lot of research must be done before getting into action. With adequate information, there are good possibilities that the video will have all the essential elements to reach the right audience.

Interesting Facts about Squamish Music Festival

Music has always been an undeniable entity of our lives. From the day of its original music has gone through a lot of makeovers. New styles have emerged, and new techniques are being practiced.but it has never faded away from being a part of our lives.

In the year 2010, the world witnessed the beginning of one the most epic moments in the field of music, the Beginning of Squamish Music Festival. With the collaborative effort of Brandlive Management and Live Nation Canada, the Squamish Music festival was started.

Here are some of the Interesting Facts about the Squamish Music Festival

The Attendance

The Squamish Music festival generally has a lot of turnouts. But the year 2015 the Squamish Music Festival registered one the highest head counts of all time. With more than a 1,20,000 attending the festival.

The Line-Ups

The very concept of the music festival is to enjoy various genres of music from multiple artists in one place. The line up of the Squamish is still one the most outstanding ones of all time. The lineups also had some of the biggest names in the entire music industry including Eminem, Drake and Bruno Mars

The Continuous Hours

To look at one favorite artist performing is itself a treat. All of our favorite artist performing continuously is nothing less than a boon. The Squamish music holds the record for the long hours of performance by various artist continuously.

The Event’s Commercial Impact

The Squamish Music festival is one of the very few events of the world, that had a commercial impact in the locality. The real estate touched unimaginable prices, the local tourism witnessed tremendous turnouts, and all the other local businesses saw an impressive amount of growth.

The Merchandise Selling

The Squamish music festival holds the record for the selling of the highest number of merchandise of various artists. The combined profit from only the merchandise sale was in thousands of dollars. None other even in the world had has ever seen something in those numbers.

The Foreign Attendance

Among all the music festivals around the world, the Squamish music festival holds the record for the maximum tourist’s attendance. This really was not calculated during the first two years, but later when there was a surge in the air traffic to the destination the abroad attendance was counted separately.

Celebrity Turnouts

It is not a common thing to see celebrities to attend music festivals unless or until they are performing. Squamish Music Festival is one of the very few music festivals where you can see the celebrity turnouts. Especially in the year 2012 certain big names from Hollywood and all around the world the world was present.

Even though the era of Squamish was very short between the years 2010 and 2015, it definitely made a difference not only in the music industry but an everlasting mark in the world.

Things to know about Squamish Valley Music Festival

The Squamish Valley Music Festival was founded and had its inaugural festival in 2010. In the height of popularity of music festivals across North America, BRANDLIVE and Live nation sponsored the inaugural festival in Squamish, British Columbia and were blown away by the attendance. By its final appearance in 2015, the festival was hailed as the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, with over 120,000 attendees. The festival has been cancelled by the major sponsors in light of a falling Canadian dollar and the competition from other festivals across the continent, including Bonaroo, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, and Summer Camp.

The Squamish Valley Music Festival opened its first showing and the next five after that, with some of music’s biggest names, including international acts at the height of their popularity. Headliners like Weezer and The Decemberists started the festival out strong and by the last festival in 2015, the acts included international pop stars Sam Smith, Drake, and Mumford & Sons. The years in between were also no stranger to amazing artists, seeing the like of Queens of the Stone Age, Childish Gambino, Eminem, Arcade fire, and Bruno Mars.

Squimish valley

Squamish Valley Music Festival was an event that stood out from many other music festivals in a very good way. The local people of Squamish loved the festival and encouraged its presence. In many towns across the country, festivals are held in back country areas and the residents of the small towns end up resenting the whole thing, regardless of what sort of financial benefits they may receive. Festival-goers are notorious for leaving behind a monumental mess when they take off after the festival is over. The local residents are forced to clean-up their own town, even though the festival itself is the one arguably responsible for the mess and the trash. In Squamish, there was nothing but disappointment in the cancellation of the festival. The small town had relished in the extra income and different cultures that got to experience their great hometown. After six years, many of the businesses in Squamish had actually come to depend on the sudden jolt in sales during the three-day festival in August. Its cancellation was both personally devastating to the residents and financially devastating to the city, itself.


The final nail in the coffin of the Squamish Valley Music Festival is a bittersweet one. While Squamish may not be seeing a new music festival in 2018, British Columbia is getting a re-vamp by the same sponsors of Squamish, BRANDLIVE. It was announced in the fall of 2017, BRANDLIVE had started a new festival called SKOOKUM and placed in a more popular spot, Vancouver. They kept their same stellar reputation for booking with headliners like The Killers, Florence & the Machine, Metric, and more. The festival is sure to be a hit, but can’t feel like more than a slap in the face to the lonely residents of Squamish, who used to have it all.