Interesting Facts about Squamish Music Festival

Music has always been an undeniable entity of our lives. From the day of its original music has gone through a lot of makeovers. New styles have emerged, and new techniques are being practiced.but it has never faded away from being a part of our lives.

In the year 2010, the world witnessed the beginning of one the most epic moments in the field of music, the Beginning of Squamish Music Festival. With the collaborative effort of Brandlive Management and Live Nation Canada, the Squamish Music festival was started.

Here are some of the Interesting Facts about the Squamish Music Festival

The Attendance

The Squamish Music festival generally has a lot of turnouts. But the year 2015 the Squamish Music Festival registered one the highest head counts of all time. With more than a 1,20,000 attending the festival.

The Line-Ups

The very concept of the music festival is to enjoy various genres of music from multiple artists in one place. The line up of the Squamish is still one the most outstanding ones of all time. The lineups also had some of the biggest names in the entire music industry including Eminem, Drake and Bruno Mars

The Continuous Hours

To look at one favorite artist performing is itself a treat. All of our favorite artist performing continuously is nothing less than a boon. The Squamish music holds the record for the long hours of performance by various artist continuously.

The Event’s Commercial Impact

The Squamish Music festival is one of the very few events of the world, that had a commercial impact in the locality. The real estate touched unimaginable prices, the local tourism witnessed tremendous turnouts, and all the other local businesses saw an impressive amount of growth.

The Merchandise Selling

The Squamish music festival holds the record for the selling of the highest number of merchandise of various artists. The combined profit from only the merchandise sale was in thousands of dollars. None other even in the world had has ever seen something in those numbers.

The Foreign Attendance

Among all the music festivals around the world, the Squamish music festival holds the record for the maximum tourist’s attendance. This really was not calculated during the first two years, but later when there was a surge in the air traffic to the destination the abroad attendance was counted separately.

Celebrity Turnouts

It is not a common thing to see celebrities to attend music festivals unless or until they are performing. Squamish Music Festival is one of the very few music festivals where you can see the celebrity turnouts. Especially in the year 2012 certain big names from Hollywood and all around the world the world was present.

Even though the era of Squamish was very short between the years 2010 and 2015, it definitely made a difference not only in the music industry but an everlasting mark in the world.

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