The Sheepdogs

While most rock bands are all too focused on the riff, the Sheepdogs remember the importance of those other elements that make for great rock music: melody, harmony and groove. To see them live is pure rock and roll jubilation, to revel in the splendor created by 3 part vocal harmonies and heavy hitting dual guitar leads.

Their latest album, Learn & Burn, is a beautiful blend of power and imagination, ranging from ferocious rockers to southern boogie and grooving psychedelia. Big guitars, stacked harmonies, vintage organ and piano skillfully colour each of the album’s 15 tracks, proving that these boys are as dedicated to the craft of songwriting and album making as they are to playing a dynamite live show. The Sheepdogs are an old-school rock and roll revival.

Wake Owl

Wake Owl has been established as a musical project for 7 months. It began with Colyn Cameron when he wrote his newest batch of songs. He had a big sound envisioned for them. They all began on an acoustic guitar but wanted to grow into songs that needed a full band. This would come in the studio.

Wake Owl stands as having three full-time members: Colyn Cameron (lead vocals, guitar), Malcolm Dow (keys, synth, guitar, vocals), and Aiden Brandt-Briscall (violin, vocals).

Current Swell

Victoria, BC-based Current Swell is in the foreground of the new roots music front. The band has been around for a few years getting their early recognition around the world as a mainstay in the surf-rock community. Their sound continues to develop into a blues and roots feel, gaining even more popularity with their fans while sharing stages with bands such as Xavier Rudd, The Beautiful Girls, Bedouin Soundclash, the Beach Boys and many others.